Men talk about how to learn the beginner

said do Wangzhuan should learn what knowledge, I think everyone’s answer is different, because everyone has their own a Wangzhuan experience, so everyone answers will get into some of their private feelings.

men feel that learning Wangzhuan can do the best learning, learning for practice.

for their own future set a goal, this goal is that you want to make money through what way (to do the procedure, making art, website, software, hackers, flow, marketing, planning, training, auction – – – -) to the target list and to master the knowledge and if you don’t need to know what knowledge can help to people with experience.

set the goal, it is necessary to learn in accordance with this goal, so that you can take a lot less detours.

some friends in the learning process, will encounter some new knowledge, for example, image processing is to learn Photoshop, but he is in the process of learning to find a can make dynamic pictures of GIF software is very interesting, you can make the picture move, then to find the GIF images on the tutorial to learn. For a period of time after school, he found the original animation FLASH software is the most cattle B, so he began to collect information on the FLASH. In this way, the loss of the continuous transformation. At last, what I have learned is far away from the original goal.

network involved in the knowledge is too wide, and no one can learn all the technology, we just need to be interested in a small area inside to become a master, it is enough. When we have heard the small bear breaking corn story ", the story of the truth we know everything, but in the US, this story has been continued.

many friends do Wangzhuan also exist such problems, doing the project do a period of time will feel boring, or some problems are difficult to solve, then find a new project is very good, so he went and began to work on the new project. The new project has been difficult for some time, and then to find the updated project • • • •

in fact, the network is never a lack of new projects, new ideas. Perhaps, only loneliness, rejection of the new project, will get a long lost success. Men again to share tips for a psychological suggestion, when you meet a new project or temptation, what difficulties you encountered when you say to yourself; I met a challenge". This psychological hint of things, not necessarily suitable for everyone, but I do have to rely on one by one to overcome the challenge to go forward, because I do not want to meet the challenge to surrender immediately.

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