Want to start 5 things need to be considered in advance


believe that the next few years, China’s employment situation will be more severe, so the state began to encourage college students to start a business. The first thing to do is to put aside the entrepreneurial environment in China, after all, the change in the environment is not done overnight, but if you want to start the business, there are some of their own to look at their own, is not the business of this material.

recently the United States as a strategic consultant, venture investors in the United States PeterCohan success 5 times AndyPalmer talked about his entrepreneurial experience, Palmer shared 5 ideas must be considered in deciding whether to start before for the young. Here, we also share these, if you have the idea of entrepreneurship, but also to see if they are ready.

1, know how good you really are

Palmer pointed out that potential entrepreneurs must be aware of their own in what position the bell curve ". Like Jobs and Bill Gates are entrepreneurs, not what can stop them, others just have a standard deviation of the bell curve. They can become entrepreneurs in the right environment, but most people in terms of their entrepreneurial potential, only ordinary people.

this self-assessment has important implications, and if you are destined to be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to ask others for advice. You will start, if you are the kind of standard deviation outside, then you need to find a suitable environment, which means you have to find the right opportunity as a target, you need to find and understand what kind of key talents with you, the partnership to find your missing parts.

2, willing to collaborate with

According to

Palmer, the idea of a heroic entrepreneur, the kind of LarryEllison that is big enough to take the world, is out of date. He Google as a model, Google by the three carriages LarryPage, SergeyBrin and EricSchmidt to operate. Each of them has different strengths, is willing to work together, and use their strengths to help the company grow and adapt to change.

for most tech start-ups, there are two skills that are necessary at the beginning: Business (including sales, marketing, processing finance and accounting) and technology research and development. If you are good at one of these skills, you should find a partner who is good at other skills.

, for example, when Palmer created Vertica, he was in charge of the business, and he was working with a database specialist.

3, share the right values

how does a business person know how to work with a skilled person and vice versa? Palmer believes that values are important. "It’s a responsibility to develop a new product for the customer," he explained. As a student

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