Wangzhuan tutorial before the station must pay attention to the details

The blood boil

a lot of new friends in reading some articles, on the spur of the moment to build up a website. Here we need to remind novice friends, before the site, some things have to be solved. This will directly affect the development of your station can not be profitable.

one, determine the direction of the station to do: garbage grab traffic? Regular stay customers?

if you want to be a dumpster, then do a qualified garbage station. If you want to do a regular stop, it is necessary to operate a regular station. On the Internet to see some of the views put forward by friends, said the garbage station operating like a regular station. First of all, I would like to say that I agree with this view. But the fact is, it can be very tiring, and will not let you in the soil, the station will increasingly depressed.

don’t know why? Let me tell you. If you do a dumpster, then it is required to have traffic, there are a lot of traffic. It is a mere trash article, as long as you can bring flow, then it is for the garbage station, is a cow B article. But if you want to do the garbage station as a regular station, then you have to solve a few problems.

1, what is the use of your site to retain customers without their core competitiveness, death is sooner or later.

2, the content of your website which? If completely original, then you can go to the normal development of the station, not to mention the development can not, at least you can write. If it is completely collected, then your station ranking will not be good. If the acquisition is false original words, uh, this is typical of the dumpster, because the contents will let others see a loss, does not keep the customer.

if you want to put the garbage station to the normal operation of the station, then solve the above problem is what you want to solve. Now is not the first two years, a complete collection of stations can get 2WIP, now only get 500IP.

two, web site selection.

build web site with what procedures? Develop their own use of blog procedures (WP and ZB are relatively good), or use CMS system?

selection process is mainly with the content of your site to moderate, which do you think is easy to use with which. This is not necessarily, depending on the individual’s choice. But no matter what the program is selected, it is best to choose the SEO. What kind of SEO is conducive to the knowledge of SEO can not say a moment, interested friends can go to the site of the SEO plate to see. Generally speaking, now basically will choose DIV+CSS.

three, domain name selection.

if you are a regular station, then a concise and easy to remember domain name is required. If not, then a good record of the domain name is also ok. And there’s not so much to ask for. But it’s better to be in the domain name

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