My personal webmaster Wangzhuan road a few small views

is now very popular on the Internet a word is a Wangzhuan, occupation like SOHO is the same as the yearning. I am also this one, he graduated more than a year, did not go out looking for work, with full Wangzhuan to sustain life, and to future dreams, hope that every young person has the ideal struggle with me. See A5 there are many webmaster share their way of higher, so today I summarize my views on some small wangzhuan.

generalized and chivalrous Wangzhuan

I feel Wangzhuan a wide range, in general, my own definition is as long as you can make money through the Internet belong to the scope of wangzhuan. Whether selling products or service, technical support, marketing, or promotion planning, as long as it can generate profits, it belongs to the generalized wangzhuan. Now many webmaster do Wangzhuan is very good, but there are also many webmaster and no stable income, do not just narrow wangzhuan. For example, through the Taobao customer, the time to post, then the task of Witkey etc.. I feel the most senior Wangzhuan is found the opportunity to start their own business, some projects do not need the money to start very much. However, the opportunity is further done after they gradually found, so early do Wangzhuan lay a foundation for the latter part of the business can.

find their own

is the first to clear their goals is to do business as Wangzhuan, as a lifelong career to do, or just do a part-time job. The difference between the two is huge, the impact on the future is also very large. But most of the time are selected, although we love the site, but all aspects of the pressure, you must find a job to have a stable guarantee, which is good, but there will be a very big limitation of time. So, find some suitable time Wangzhuan is very difficult, some may need time to guarantee to make money, but need little time we are not professional, so sometimes we have to find a compromise that is guaranteed to make money a little more than the situation, but also does not affect the normal work of their.

do more experiments

Do Wangzhuan

find themselves in order to guarantee a stable income. Some webmaster do Taobao is a part-time station, do some navy post, these revenues are not stable, if the task is not so much "net income is not guaranteed, if the Tao do keywords ranking drop then the income is directly affected. But this is not possible for us to Wangzhuan characteristics, focusing on a project, and can the Tao do something, even if the search engine problems, it cannot make income volatility. For example, we do a website to a monthly income of 500, then can guarantee the normal operation of the case, if you can copy, copy on several of the same model, using different promotion methods, so that after the accumulation of monthly income should be doubled.

to learn to innovate

started Wangzhuan are generally in several directions, including help.

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