Why the flash in the pan successful enterprises more and more


does your company have established lasting value products? Are you value growth, or pay more attention to sustainable growth? In many start-up companies, are the kind of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum case. These companies initially look glamorous, but soon disappeared in people’s field of vision. WP Engine founder Jason Cohen recently published a blog on this phenomenon.

some people love in the media or Silicon Valley posing as successful entrepreneurs, this behavior distasteful, but it is not their fault.

, for example, "Fast Company" has just written an article about Bill · Ruan (Bill Nguyen). He has 7 times to start a business, the most recently created a mobile App Co named Color, the most glorious story is not yet launched before the product financing $41 million. By the way, the product they finally released failed, and the company is bankrupt. Paul) investor Paul · Kedrosky (Paul Kedrosky) of Color commented: "this company has become a bursting point. As long as the risk investment activities to say ‘Color’, what else is needless to say, we will take the hint to laugh out loud."

but not so long ago, the opposite is true. Before Color launched the product, I was asked how I felt about the company. I don’t know what they’re doing. They say I don’t know how to move. They may be right, but that’s not an explanation.

Bill · how did Ruan get a vague idea into $41 million because he had founded 6 successful companies?. Yes, the reason is very good! This background, isn’t it?

unless I have a different understanding of what is called "success". The following is his previous 6 business experience (from "Fast Company:


Forefront – 1995 by CBT to promote its IPO, but CBT shares fell 85% in 1998, and suffered numerous group litigation.

Freeloader, for $3 million in 1996 after the sale price of $38 million, but finally closed in 1997.

Support.com – $2 million 500 thousand investment, in 2000 to $32 per share price of IPO, but the current price of only $2.

OneBox.com received a $60 million investment, on-line 18 months sold at a price of $850 million J2, and then quickly collapse.


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