Do beautiful pictures stand some experience

I have spent a long time in ADMIN5, see a lot of master to express their ideas, but also see a lot of beautiful pictures on the station, did not feel like what effect, so a their own experience, is the first time to publish the article Oh, a lot of support, look, you feel good on the top well, don’t step on ah, can’t stand criticism

I think, actually do not necessarily depend on the picture station search engine, a lot of friends all said the station must be included, will flow, the fact that we have a lot of options, Baidu Post Bar, link exchange, Baidu know, Baidu pictures and so on, not yet, today I want to introduce not the above said, but the Tencent SOSO, as we all know, SOSO.COM search traffic is not worse than Baidu, which has a beautiful search bar, flow estimation one day there are 10 tens of thousands of it, we use it to promote their own station, the effect is not wrong,

first, for some of the more feel more temptation pictures, exposed, not dew point oh, put some pictures of space pictures uploaded to your space or in a foreign country, and then get the picture of the address, we follow the landing beauty found it, then send a post, attention, not advertising, or certain delete

took the Title Comparison color, such as: * * * the most punctual the most attractive woman is forbidden…

, just put the pictures address posted up, then published, so, and then have to do is wait! How long? After half an hour, then in this half hour, what do we do? Of course to do the key things that we’re going to get the image watermarking, the better the temptation you see, don’t forget to add the address:

and then upload the picture to the previous picture, well, now look at the contents of our posts, all of which are added to the watermark, the watermark flow to come ah,

then asked, why not published before? Actually, if published before, see the search bar administrator will delete, and after half an hour later to cover the watermarking, then deleted will greatly reduce the chance, because the search bar manager has been seen look back with little chance of our opportunity is less, the flow is up to


hey, we did not post web site, no violations of Oh, so it can work in just ways "steal" traffic effect? A day to more than 1 thousand, if you are 5000, and should be, do not believe you can see my beautiful pictures stand, most of them make their input, what don’t understand, you can leave a message to me, all of you,

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