Two suggestions on how to make the guest Commission as soon as possible


do guest station, make money through the station. Through the promotion of formal methods, earn only those who do not know the guest people, know people will use their own links to buy. What do we need to do, how to make money through the promotion, amoy.

website promotion, do rankings or post promotion. Do the search engine rankings, affected by the relatively large, Baidu is a big update, many station ranking is not, for the station, traffic is money, in order to get more traffic, we tend to choose more popular words to do. Ranked in the front of the station, have bought a lot of links, for us more than they are difficult, you can not do the front page of the three position, the location of the traffic is the most. I like the station (, Ladies Home, these words can be in the Baidu home page, but in the back, bring me the traffic only 1-200 IP, Baidu index word is so high that traffic will face so much competition, prepared to do for these words of the people, do you think the value of it? I think it is not worth doing, this word, I would rather lose weight do these, promotion of a single product, one day a single transaction is 200IP scores, do these words, 200IP also dozens of good luck, bad luck may not have a few blocks, that is why, out of strength make money. It might as well go directly to Taobao, Taobao. The probability of ranking up are almost the same to do these traffic up to a lot more than those. For the novice, select the site keywords, suggest that we do not choose the popular, choose a few simple words, plus a hot word. Do simple, with a hot, when your site weight is high, and then add nothing. To do a simple, at least to earn money. SEO, don’t want others to compete with you, you need to find someone else to pay no attention to the words, you can easily hold the rankings. Also, before selecting keywords, be sure to look at the Baidu index, although not so accurate, refer to, see a lot of webmaster election words, Baidu index are not. These words are easy to do, no flow, do not do the same. There are a lot of guest ask me, my site keywords ranking didn’t flow, old do not, the title also heard that can not be changed. Suggest you change it. You do not change, ranking, no flow; you do not change, ranking up, but no one search, you do not flow. Do not change you do not flow, change the word, ranking up, but also to give you a little traffic. Barefoot shoes are not afraid, what are you afraid of.

post promotion, general posts are no technical content, literally write a title, which put some promotion links. Easy to delete, workload is also great. Not so easy to stand. A lot of good words, Baidu ranked above in the home page are some of the forum page, to do these rankings, than to do their own website ranking is also easy, the weight of the forum is higher than your small site easier. We can sometimes find some long tail keywords to do in the post, the title above the key words, and then appear in the contents of several times, each of which add a

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