Wang Qicheng how to get a 80 after 10 years to earn $1 billion 100 million

previously, in the circle of friends crazy turn of the world’s top 1 billion $80 after the rich list, there was a young man named Wang Qicheng from Hangzhou. Maybe a lot of people don’t know him well, but in the entrepreneurial world, he’s definitely a star.



college by optical fiber transceiver sales started, after graduation started handing shares in just ten years, the company has successfully listed.

now, he and Facebook founder Mark · Zuckerberg, Biguiyuan vice chairman Yang Huiyan, CEO Chen Ou together, known as "the world’s ten $1 billion 80 regal".

recently, the reporter saw the big business coffee in the Hangzhou sky building, to share their wonderful entrepreneurial process.

second earn first 1 million he was "charming" entrepreneurial

in 2001, still in business management in Zhejiang University sophomore Wang Qicheng, is the Minister of students will practice outreach department. By chance, he met an optical fiber transceiver terminal equipment sales fellow. In the chat, he learned that this kind of product market wide, high profit, and Wang Qicheng decided the villagers joint venture, established the first company "in his life of China network".

although there are a lot of people have accumulated contacts, but many customers have doubts about the strength of this newly registered company, so that Hangzhou, Ningbo and other large cities have been unable to open the market. This time, Wang Qicheng decided to go to Zhoushan, Lishui and Quzhou and other relatively underdeveloped cities to try. After many communication efforts, they finally signed an agreement with one of the city, Wang Qicheng’s strategic vision of the initial manifestation.

venture no money how to do this is the second problem facing Wang Qicheng. "At that time, we invited the Supplier Manager to provide evidence that it can first prepayments again delivery, there is not a sleight of hand feeling?" Wang Qicheng smiled and said. Of course, one of the hardships and pay no need to say.

after eight months of hard work, Wang Qicheng earned the first pot of gold, in the life of the 1 million, this is the time for college students can be said to be astronomical. In that many students are still dependent on their parents spending time, Wang Qicheng has been through their own efforts to make money, this satisfaction and sense of accomplishment so that he was deeply fascinated by the venture.

practice digging entrepreneurial resources in addition to entrepreneurial direction as well as partners

began to get hooked on Wang Qicheng, who has been looking for a career after graduation. Fourth, he SUPCON’s education practice, at that time, SUPCON in the promotion of education system of University intelligent school. It is also the internship experience, Wang Qicheng first came into contact with intelligent, and smell the business opportunities.

at that time, the field of intelligent

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