HDwiki encyclopedia Alliance launched advertising business to enhance the Union website traffic

, the world’s largest wiki Encyclopedia Chinese – Interactive Encyclopedia’s Alliance for its partners to launch advertising business cooperation. It is reported that the business is mainly aimed at the union station, in the Interactive Encyclopedia master station open Adsense advertising, improve the visibility of the Union website and traffic.

Members of the

alliance through the entry to the Interactive Encyclopedia master station, the biggest contributor to the entry, you can open Adsense ads, advertising can be directly connected to the webmaster website. According to the latest ALEXA traffic rankings, Interactive Encyclopedia website daily traffic has exceeded one million, some entries content has been hundreds of thousands of visitors, through the display of advertising can bring huge traffic to the site’s webmaster.


(background Adsense advertising management system)


(editor of advertising display)

learn how to join the League:

http://s.kaiyuan.hudong.com/bbs/viewthread.php? Tid=13501& extra=

Adsense advertising Manual:

http://s.kaiyuan.hudong.com/bbs/viewthread.php? Tid=13504& extra=page%3D1

HDwiki encyclopedia Union:

encyclopedia affiliate is an Interactive Encyclopedia, is the country’s largest wiki site alliance platform, the number of members of the union 4. Relying on the powerful brand influence Interactive Encyclopedia, and gradually developed into one of the most powerful alliances.

alliance is committed to providing advertisers, website owners alliance provides an even bargain platform, help partners to promote the flow of mining value, expanding the valuable delivery channel.

HDwiki introduction

HDwiki is the world’s largest Chinese Wikipedia website – Interactive Encyclopedia for the development of Chinese users, completely free open source encyclopedia station system.

as a set of mature encyclopedia station solutions, HDwiki with a wealth of features, superior stability and excellent architecture designed to attract tens of thousands of loyal users. At present, the country has 4 small and medium sites to use HDwiki to build Wikipedia site or Wikipedia channel, including education, economy, food, computers and other more than and 40 industries, accounting for more than 95% of China’s market. Not only that, at home and abroad, there are 2 companies will be used as internal applications, including Sina Real Estate Channel, Phoenix finance, Wyatt magazine, and in the HDwiki service support the successful operation of the entire site.

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