The optimization of Tokgo nine type Adsense

      general formula

      in fact, only four words can be summed up in this article. Optimization is not the best optimization. The purpose of physical fitness is like martial arts, indisputable people so you can never win. Before you plan to optimize it, you need to figure out what your purpose is. If it is to get rich, there are many channels can make more money than GGAD. Those who do the highest level of GG is also the appearance of 10 thousand knives in January. The general can not pass this knife 1 thousand. GG is good enough to get you the first basket of potatoes, but not too high to make you rich. So as to optimize the xiepai martial arts, not overdo sth., to perhaps you will have significant revenue growth. But when you get to a certain level, you’re stuck.

      broken sword type

      the sword is the mother of the weapon, the gun is the father of the weapon. The gate of the weapon list party did not understand, also confirms that the world is not the best way for you is the best method.

      with the sword of law should shun potential, the force, the Dao deficiency, by the gap, to avoid the light weight, with

      a lot of optimization proposals are mentioned how to integrate advertising into the content, how to surround the ad content. But often this is not the case. This requires an analysis of the proportion of new and old users of your visitors, familiar with the computer and unfamiliar with the proportion of computers. If you want to expand the site to increase return, then full screen advertising is suicide. The optimization method mentioned above is only valid for new users who do not understand computers. To understand the old computer users to further analyze the purpose of your visit to your site and your page content. If you have a lot of pages in the station or the contents of the link outside the station, then you need to highlight the ad. If there is no link to other content on the current page, there is no need to highlight.

      understand your users to develop effective optimization, so the sword sword is broken.


      spear a line, a large knife. Although all weapons are evolved from the club, but generally accepted and is the ancestor of weapons. Professional vertical website is to find the throat, then the lifeblood of the integrated website is the flow.

      a lot of people are still brushing ALEXA, their consciousness is still stuck in the first Internet boom. How to translate the real browser into an effective user is the key to the problem. The real flow can be divided into three parts, no need to say high quality flow, one

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