White collar network part-time guide

editor’s note: This article is not suitable for the owners to make money, but it can be used for reference to earn money flow of

          free white-collar workers have to go through three stages of development, such as making money on the Internet, part-time on the Internet, and doing business on the internet. These three stages can only be roughly divided, because each stage is mutual penetration, it is impossible to make an absolute division, which is the freedom of white-collar workers "freedom" of the nature of the work. The first phase of the Internet to make money, in fact, including online part-time, or even online content. But at this stage of free white-collar workers to make money online, online survival oriented. But at this stage no professional freedom for most white-collar workers, is a very critical period, often will eventually develop, at this stage can persist, and obtain better economic results. But for the professional freedom of white-collar workers, this stage can be skipped, directly into the second phase. But for the lack of professional freedom of white-collar workers, this chapter can be said to be the most important part of the book, we must concentrate on the hard work to master it.

first section of white-collar online money on

          before entering the specific learning process, we first talk about whether the white-collar workers can earn money online, how to make money? Because many people now believe that the network economy is a bubble economy, the vast majority of Internet companies at a loss, the network economy is nothing more than a myth of people blown out. If the network company itself does not make money, as an individual’s free white-collar workers can earn money online? These questions are not solved, many of us can not have enough confidence to take this road.

1, how to make money online

        when it comes to making money online, it is necessary to know where the money comes from, and how the economic benefits of the network are generated?

          the network can not produce a grain, and can not produce a piece of iron and steel, its economic benefits from how to reflect it? This is the most primitive question of the network economy. Yes, the network does not directly produce food and steel, but the service sector, the education sector is not the production of food, steel? Why do people understand? Mainly in the service sector and the education sector to promote the role of productivity is more intuitive, they are from the point of view of the protection of production. The service industry is mainly from the material guarantee it reflects, to ensure that farmers workers can be satisfied, strong work; education industry is mainly reflected from the spirit of security, ensure the workers and peasants can work more effectively mining intelligence. These are better understood. And the network? The promotion of network to productivity is not reflected from the angle of protection, but

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