Grassroots webmaster to share the experience of three months to do Taobao

for Taobao customers in recent years to join Wangzhuan industry who is absolutely not strange, some friends standing on it make a pot of gold in Wangzhuan and some people, but it was playing out. The author also joined Taobao off the one hundred thousand army in a few months ago, after three months of unremitting struggle, with little success, ha ha, specific income was announced here, although the income is not high, but the three months I gain more ideas and experience, I think this is something it is really important, today I came to share these experiences and lessons for everyone, hope to stand the friends reading course, thank you


do Taobao off before I also operate several station at the beginning, but due to host space instability ultimately failed, so in the planning site before I have chosen a good host, host stability directly linked to the user visits and the key word ranking, so did not dare careless finally, choose a separate IP quality space, in particular the company’s younger brother this will not say, lest you say AD.

host, the next is to register the domain name, domain name registration is relatively simple, I chose the name of the site’s own pinyin. In the selection of key words on the site, taking into account the current Taobao master do too much, so the final decision on the long tail keywords. Goods well, because it is to do the long tail word, and decided to do a single page Taobao guest, so the choice of a product that can be regarded as profiteering, all ready, began to promote!

promotion two words easy to implement, but to me, at first I choose the way of promotion is QQ and mass mailing and advertising, but the effect is quite disrespectful. QQ mass and mass mailing information almost no echo, and the advertising effect is not obvious, almost as many people look at the real click on the link to buy less and less. In the promotion of bottlenecks encountered a whole week in the new method to high feasibility, but Dog that fetches will carry., finally a regular shopping friend to me to say why, my original web content is single, because it is a single page station on the page, in addition to Taobao customers of the AD, or AD the content, readability is also poor, shoppers come to your station, look left, because they feel that your site credibility is not high, the same is why I want to be in your shopping here I can buy direct indirect purchase in the Taobao online is more convenient.

A month after

, find out the reason, so in order to increase the practicability and credibility of the site, I gave up every day the massive QQ group and e-mail group, to focus on the content of the website, basically at the time as long as one time I will personally hold the pen to write one or two articles on a shopping experience and skills, which not only increase the website content readability and practicability, and still retain some repeat, because most of the content is original or false original, and update the flat rate is stable, so in just one month, I obviously found the website jump out rate reduced a lot, huh what, this shows that this description >

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