Which kind of theme website is worth doing

just made a trademark registration http://s.zhuceshouli.com search optimization posts. Said a few more need to pay attention to the back about what the theme is worth doing, like the registered trademark patent application this station mainly depends on the price of Baidu home but then business people spend money to advertise is optimized and received second page business volume is very small. As a knowledge database type station by advertising revenue to maintain there is some difficulty, because of concerns about the trademark registration of Internet Keywords and pay attention to the entertainment basic necessities of life than people that it is a small drop of water in the sea.


is to do on the GG ads as a source of revenue and the like do some health beauty makeup of this kind is quite promising because this industry is mostly rely on advertising and advertising prices hit two is to focus on these products have a certain amount of population in the proportion of Internet users. If you make some of the characteristics of cultivate a stable site to feed themselves or no problem doing station is critical to choose the direction of the navigation station do not follow the trend of like a swarm of bees do QQ material station. One is to do too many people do it yourself is nothing more than a collection of modifications if there is no feature of the station is very difficult to retain people, point your advertising people can not go where.

industry in addition there is a subjective impression that skills in GG probably check some industry keywords advertisement price as registered trademarks of cosmetic beauty and health care medicine about these points a few cents word combined with the size of users daily interested sectors of the population, comprehensive judging what industry site will have a better future

hope that many more exchanges have found a lot of potential industry veteran found success stand the most simple learning can be started from the copy but not a group of people zaduier oh

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