Wu Longjie do not use the blog as a tool to make money

has not updated the SEO Blog for 3 days, mainly because of a new job, and today he is forced to spend some time writing a blog about money.

I recently in the process of visiting the blog, found more and more independent blog have put Google ads, Baidu union advertising, including a few days ago I also put Google ads, but yesterday found that advertising has not come out, the original Google account number is sealed, is already the second time by letter ad, yesterday afternoon and simply replaced all the Baidu advertising alliance, since the title of this article is the blog is not a tool to make money, why should I hang on the advertising alliance? I blog is not to make money, but to share the experience of website optimization experience, network promotion and I we, on the other hand is also a platform to display their own, but if you can do it in 2 aspects of the appropriate can also earn some money, but some people take when blog Became a tool to make money, from a large number of blog ads can be seen in the league, some bloggers can be said to be overwhelming advertising alliance.

In fact, I talk about

in the independent blog user experience this article also mentioned a lot of advertising alliance will lower your blog user experience, and some people even trying to advertising alliance as Bowen, these people have nothing in common, since want to make money, why not earnest to do a real profit the website, if it is serious to do so, is estimated to be more than you put in the independent blog advertising alliance earn more money.

we set up an independent blog purpose is not to make money, not to deceive the user, if the blog as a tool to make money, put a lot of advertising alliance, and even attempt to use advertising as content. Even if your blog seo to do a good job, but after entering the visitors found no content readable, will certainly choose to leave, and the next will not come. So, your blog or make money.

is the first earnest to their own blog content well is the most important, if your blog is of high quality, and can get the most visitors approved, and why not to earn money, the blog is an example, estimated monthly income can reach tens of thousands of /p>! "

finally I hope everyone to do their own blog content, including myself, doing this is not very good, a few days ago published a blog every day, now 3 days to write an article, also feel no previous high quality, this is the problem of power, we see you have the willpower to every day to update their blog blog, instead of thinking about how to make money, but not to blog as a tool to make money.

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