To check the number 47 classic difference between migrant workers and entrepreneurs


when working in time to eat and drink to scold the boss, all kinds of "opportunities", entrepreneurs in consideration is: how to unite the development of more resources development? How to survive? How to safely operate? You are working life or when the boss’s life? In fact, this difference not only in the office of the seat. In the daily work of the mind. Here are 47 differences between working and Entrepreneurship:

1 people who give their dreams to the opportunity to do business, the life of the people entrusted to the faith and God;

2 working people if can like dog metaphor, business people are like wolves. This world is less than a dog wolf, because most people are willing to do the dog. This is natural species;

3 of the workers accounted for 80, accounting for the business of the people, because people who want to work in the big tree under the shadow of the;

4 workers who do not understand their own than entrepreneurs at least eight times the income, is in fact the outset decided, but business people do not understand themselves by so much effort and wisdom to pay money, actually have original sin should not be


5 to work when you want to be able to send a number of bonuses this year, when you want to start this year is the loss of the number of products, through what way to save it;

6 working time to think about their own experience and diploma should be worth much money, the time to start thinking about their own hard work and how much money can be created;

7 when workers want to eat, and use their own expertise to save money for the family business when thinking about is how to make use of social resources to support the organization and employees;

8 people who think that hard work and obedient can be a long time without worry, entrepreneurial time to know that the market is simply a day of change can not be measured, the day is unknown;

9 to do a good job in the relationship between the boss and colleagues can live, entrepreneurship to do a good job in the relationship between customers and the community to survive;

10 work to see the boss and the boss’s face, look at the social entrepreneurs and executives in charge of the face and the face of the media;

11 to work when the phone cost would be saved, the best is the free use of the telephone company, go out in the outside, to the owner of the phone, and click immediately hang up, starting when the phone always bite the bullet to call, even if the call, as long as their partners and customers, always have to wait the other thread, even if the heart is very painful to bear;

12 workers met with some difficulties they want to beat a retreat, circled the luggage and leave or escape responsibility, while the business difficulties must face to solve the problem, the final settlement in their own hands;

13 working time to hear the company to a new colleague ability than their own, always jealous of him

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