From the website of Taobao quietly turned off

time is very fast, but I have access to the Internet for 2 years. Sum up, did not earn a penny. When exposure to new things in a decision to switch. I know Taobao. Just started watching people a day hundreds of thousands of income into the webmaster’s pocket, look at yourself sometimes be hard hearted boss because of various interfaces deprive me of my salary, my heart really was not the taste.

I’ve just started to quit my job and concentrate on Taobao. The disaster was so quiet when I didn’t find it. I put on a month to live frugally money into space and domain name. I am learning programming, so there is no free software on the Internet because I wanted to put some of their original page. It took a week to record the data to the server. At that time also know that there is no record number of pain. On the desire to wait for the record number to upload their own procedures. Waited for a month to come out, also let me because of this time and find a job. Working part-time writers earn some pocket money. After the record number. The best thing happens when you go to bed at once. I turned on the computer and saw the results. I feel very excited to make money, everyone said I was accidentally. Then one month I was a day like the original life and the chain, the results of a month nothing. At that time also promised his girlfriend and parents a lot of things. How can I go back and talk to them.

but I just kept it up for a week. Large quantities are included. A lot of traffic is coming soon. But when I bring a miscalculation to be right down by the K website with the Links, cause I was retreated by K. All the real fire anxious at that time. Finally someone else told me. Although it has not yet recovered. But I am very glad to meet this problem. Sooner or later, the problem will appear when the present should appear. Therefore, I also remind you to do a good job of friendship links must be careful. A fatal error. Let’s talk about it!

this article original Doug C Taobao shopping network

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