Do Wangzhuan owners can earn money

we all know that the recent national sensation caused by the host of the national investigation, suffering on the suffering of our personal webmaster. We all know Wangzhuan cannot do without the website, and the website can not earn money is most concerned about. Here’s what I think.

and now most of the host in the domestic letter of status, website to do our Wangzhuan how most people now choose is to choose the foreign host, while foreign hosts do a lot more expensive than the domestic, especially after this incident, the foreign host is the price soaring. A foreign host are more than 400 yuan. If you are illegal if the key words of the station also need to buy independent IP foreign host, the price of at least 600 yuan. But also can not be sure that your host security, foreign hosts, like the IP have been threatened at any time, I really do not know where to go personal website.

of course, I said the danger is that you are doing illegal keywords site. Of course, the profit is very high. So there is no way to make money on the regular web site, in fact, do a good job as a regular website can make money. Is still a good combination of content and advertising will be able to make money. So how to combine the good advertising content? If you do CPA to download and install the CPS station or the station, I suggest you go for advertising products to optimize the content, try to make advertising products can be ranked, and make an introduction of information as detailed as the topic of the page page provides download or install others. The success rate is the biggest. So people will not because it is advertising and not to download your things. The combination of advertising and content is the only way to make money. You can not use a military content led to the IP to let you sell host advertising.

‘s point is how to use content to attract visitors who are interested in your advertisement. So you need to optimize their own every page of each article. Even if you are a collection of articles, you can optimize a keyword density, modify the title of the key position, add a few key word content, will make you more than the original article ranking before. Attracted to the direction of the crowd, you are not afraid of advertising no one no one to see. Some people say that advertising will affect the degree of experience, in fact, this is not the case. If you combine good, not only will not affect the degree of experience will be more beautiful so that customers feel that your content is very suitable for him, your content is what he is looking for.

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