Music Alliance for the newly registered members to provide 20 yuan red envelopes

dear affiliate member:


thank you for registering as music alliance, as long as you are a new registered members of the music network alliance, we will give your account recharge 20 yuan.

Music Alliance in good faith, the pursuit of win-win concept, for the majority of members to provide accurate, good results, high income product marketing platform.

LETV alliance with the authority of a number of advertisers and mobile Unicom exclusive cooperation, through the efficient operation and service company alliance marketing team to achieve rapid spanning alliance effect, LETV alliance is the ideal choice for you!

Recent trends in


1 during the Olympic Games, film and television channel to suspend, Unicom channel registration is normal!

2 recently launched anti-virus products to support the whole network mobile / Unicom registration, the effect is good, high commission!

3 music network recently received 50 million investment, as the music alliance to provide funding to ensure the development of


Music Alliance ( P=337) will be good credit, look forward to working with all the members of the alliance to grow, develop, grow!

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