TV and nternet advertising phone again

  previously, a 30 second television ad was considered the most effective and the most expensive form of advertising. But now, in front of the media network, this view has no a place to live in, according to the latest release of Google and Yahoo in the first quarter earnings report, online advertising has achieved great progress. Google recently released a quarter operating income was $1 billion 300 million, an increase of 93%, net profit of $369 million; Yahoo revenues in the first quarter of $1 billion 200 million, an increase of 55%, net profit more than doubled to $205 million.

Google and Yahoo most of the revenue from advertising. Google company has long been committed to the development of auction advertising service model, and continuous innovation. They use the keyword search + sponsor network link "model has been proved to be an attractive form of advertising, advertisers are willing to pay for the advertisements in this way, because this is the essential difference with television advertising: network advertising is to browse clicks as the charging basis, which is based on the number of television advertising and to calculate the cost of playing time.

currently, Google and Yahoo and other network competitors (such as: Microsoft’s MSN) are developing a broader market service model. In Google, for example, the company has to provide advertisers with a "AdSense" advertising model. Adsense advertising model is actually keyword advertising and membership (Affiliate program) organic combination model, a model that can be widely used, is involved in the advertising activities all benefit from: the first is the Google 100 thousand keywords from advertisers, advertising carrier unlimited expansion of their keyword advertising can be extremely extensive attention not just a touch, opportunities to target customers in each big website, more extended to any one small website — as long as the site has become the partner of google. Followed by the large, medium and small advertising partners. The site does not need to invest in specialized advertising operations, just copy a piece of code can be paid in accordance with the way to get access to advertising revenue. Especially for small sites with low traffic, only to take such a way to get advertising revenue. The site visitors, through keyword search to get more relevant content for reference; of course, the biggest winner or google.

Google is mainly to strengthen the AdSense mode through three ways: allow ad >

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