Xu Zhaojun and pops jump from time to time passive debris

pops ten months, announced that users reached 20 million. At the same time, as the founder and CEO of Xu Zhaojun discloses three strategic pops: force audio, enhanced UGC and PGC long (specializing in the production of content) model, test the native advertising.


technology report, Xu Zhaojun on the idea of value to the user as, from the use of fragments of time to use passive time.

said, "passive time" this concept is he out in meditation in the process of thinking. The so-called passive time, mainly refers to the user on the way to work, dating, and others are not so broken, but also more passive time. Before pops want to compete in the mobile end user fragments of time, in the sense that this area has the Red Sea, Xu Zhaojun had an epiphany."

because no longer go scraping pieces of time, as in the form of products then make "force long audio" adjustment, strengthen the construction of UGC and PGC content model. Now the longest audio pops can support 6 minutes, the follow-up will also allow users to upload 128M long audio. It is obvious to sing, even like YY Entertainment (Education) for a part of the user community. In this form of products, more users can upload their own content and original works, this part of the nutrition copyrighted content, it is as welcome. Xu Zhaojun think, accumulated to a certain time, why not go through the pops YY

fans economy route?Although

never formally renounced the light blog "little", but obviously pops is now almost all Xu Zhaojun entrepreneurial life, sustenance of his future. He must have learned a lot from his experience. Sina Technology Xu Zhaojun mentioned in this report, "pops out, we have been exploring how to make interesting products into useful products."

According to

reports, Xu Zhaojun put the "full version of Designed by Apple ad" 229 words, erected in the pops office space at the entrance, as for team motivation.

tiger sniffing specifically to find this ad, enjoy together:

it’s all.

this is the key.

product experience.

what kind of feeling it will give.

when you start to imagine

it may bring experience,

you take a step back,

wants to see.

who will help,


can make life better?

Is there any significance of


you’re busy doing everything,

what can you do well,


we don’t believe in coincidences,

or something.

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