Money to pay through the advertising platform major initiatives, the package of small and medium qua

recently according to sources that, according to the majority of small and medium-sized site owners advertising idle, advertising situation difficult to sell, caifutong advertising platform ( launched ad rotation function. Analysts believe that this is aimed at the current small and medium site advertising transaction downturn launched a major move to break the rules of the industry.

it is understood that the carousel function refers to the main site to join the carousel, in advertising unsold cases, caifutong will take the initiative to buy, the advertising is no longer idle, sustained and stable profit, at the expense of caifutong advertising spending platform. Each advertising size can join the carousel advertising. Launch advertisement carousel, will break the current advertisement sale pattern, no longer let owners in unsold advertising before wasted.

caifutong advertising platform ( is advertising exchange platform, to cooperation between businesses paid through the third party property advertising resources exchange service, so as to accelerate the promotion of mutual assistance between businesses. Web site through the advertising platform to get points, the use of points can easily get advertising resources to promote.

other data show that the money paid through has more than 50 million registered users, more than 10 million cooperative businesses. At the same time, the money will be paid through advertising platform and money paid through the merchant, pat, QQ.Com will jointly launch a considerable scale of advertising resources to meet the promotion requirements between merchants.

caifutong advertising platform by caifutong launch platform, caifutong ( is a Tencent Inc founded by Chinese leading online payment platform, dedicated to Internet users and enterprises to provide a safe, convenient, professional online payment service. The money paid through advertising platform and the seamless combination of fiscal payment will make the online advertising market more standardized development.