Teach you quickly enter the Taobao top 10 cheats

is alive every day by yourself or other things which we brainwashing brainwashing, the most serious is the traditional education that most people will only blindly follow the trend, to live ", no self, do not have their own unique thinking and personality! This is a very terrible thing, suggesting that the traditional education of our the idea is mostly wrong!


past marketing concepts are: looking for products, management products, selling products.

and the right marketing concept is: to find customers, manage users, selling fans.

first before the start of the theme you have to open or have a Taobao shop, and choose a favorite shop decoration template installed. Then, you have to put down the concept of the previous operation of the Taobao shop, I seriously study this is not the same as the train of thought and methods, this article will be divided into three parts to teach you the speed of the top 10 Taobao, the main content outline:

the first part, looking for customer

first, positioning profiteering products

two, fast upload product

three, set the product title

four, the initial user comments

five, avoid search shield

second part, manage user

first, improve product cost

two, let customer service more humane

three, the establishment of user database

four, improve user viscosity

third part, selling fans

one, with fans to promote

two, set up shop brand

three, began to profit

the first part, looking for customer

The first level of

marketing is to find customers, this is the beginning of all marketing, this trick to play well, is very simple to earn some money, but it won’t be long! Will find customers can only prove that you have some promotion skills, practical marketing with not too much on Taobao! Most sellers only to find customers on the ups and downs, is equal to the layman, more than 80% of the sellers was over


how to find a simple and effective customer on Taobao


first, positioning profiteering products

as a businessman, is our only product and customer communication tools, products can not choose, everything is empty, can locate profiteering products according to the following criteria:

1, regional products. The fundamental purpose of online shopping is to use the Internet as a powerful tool, you can easily buy local products, which is the core value of the existence of electricity supplier.

for example: private customized products or services, local products, antiques, calligraphy and painting, booking, overseas generation >