Entrepreneurship is the most fundamental factor in seeking growth

, a start-up company is often characterized as the rapid growth of the company, only the newly created company does not make itself become a startup. For any start-up companies, based on what technology, whether to get the venture capital, or whether there is an exit mechanism, these are not necessary, the most fundamental thing is to grow.

if you want to start your own business, it’s important to know that. Starting a business is so hard that you can’t put it aside and look forward to success. You must understand that growth is what you need to pursue from start to finish. The good news is that if you get up, then no other things will naturally each to you, which means you will grow as you can on the road of the compass, let you make a decision in the face of all necessary.

tree (Redwood)


from the most obvious is the often overlooked place to start to talk about this topic: not all the new companies are startups. In the United States, each of the newly created company of millions, but there are only a few startups. Most of the service business — restaurants, barber shops, pipe business and so on, in addition to a very rare case, these are not called startups, a barber shop have never been characterized as the rapid growth of the company, but a search engine, it is obviously.

when I say startups are characterized by rapid growth, my meaning is obvious in two ways. One of the things I call designed or design is in some sense a purpose and a preparation, because most startups fail. But from the side of nature for startups and is not the same, because a towering tree seedlings from the germination has the different fate.

the difference is that there is a different word "startup" to describe the fast-growing companies. If all the companies are essentially the same, but some of them rely on luck or the efforts of their founders to grow rapidly, then we do not need a separate vocabulary to describe. We just need to make it very successful and less successful. But in fact, startups have a completely different kind of DNA than other businesses, Google is not a founder of the lucky or very hard work and success of the barber shop, Google from the very beginning.

to achieve rapid growth, you must create some things to sell to the mass market (product or service), this is the difference between a Google and a barber shop, a barber shop (barbershop) does not have the properties of scale expansion.

for a fast growing company, it must have:

provides services (products, services) is the

most people want< >

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