Analysis of the reasons for Google Adsense less money

some people say that Google Adsense do not make money, I found that the price is not stable. Oh, but Ali’s mother to the station did not make money, any web site to make money must have good traffic, improve website access rate is the most crucial step.

originally I do Adsense good. Later, with too much Ali mother code, Baidu K out, because Ali mother too much, remember: a station don’t put too much of the mom and put the code into JS code, single file, so that Baidu could not easily detect you stand too much advertising code. Baidu may not like too much of the Ali mother JS code? I will put less Ali mother code, Google also put less, but to put a taste of the new year. Low prices are advertisers do not want to vote, not Google do not want to invest money. Only advertisers to invest more money, the webmaster will be rich, there are too many factors that you do not understand this truth! You have to wait for next year.

and Google Adsense is not all websites are suitable to do, such as: Webmaster Station, source station, color word stand, illegal station, no flow station, are not suitable for adsense.

I will not say anything more than you, just tell you, why do not like Adsense Adsense, because they understand the advertising, Adsense class station is only suitable for the station to do the webmaster. And really like the point of advertising are not familiar with the internet.

you have to learn to calm down and think about problems. Instead of thinking without thinking, to see their results on the conclusion, the truth is contradictory. You tend to hold on to it, but you can’t hold it. And often make yourself more successful in the second.

hehe! I think I have a good reason to say that I can not, you do not have to think about my words.

source: Knight station ( details reference:

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