Where Zhuang Chenchao start-up companies should not be entangled in mergers and acquisitions


technology news news December 11th, 36 krypton WISE annual meeting, to Vice President CEO Zhuang Chen Chao where Tang Hesong and Baidu where strategic cooperation with Baidu in detail, entrepreneurs should choose the listing or merger and the 2014 investment direction is discussed. Zhuang Chenchao said that all companies are the ultimate way out of death, start-up companies should not be entangled in the market should be listed or acquired, but to consider the quality of life.

why choose to cooperate with Baidu


in 2011, Zhuang Chenchao faced a difficult decision at the time, where conditions are listed and can realize the independent, independent listing can be completely self sovereignty; but on the other hand, the development of independent means of combat is inevitable.

was in the online travel industry, where faces many enemies, including large scale than where Ctrip, including like Baidu flow very large company, if Baidu was very determined to enter the online travel market, also can have great impact on the market, of course also includes parallel companies and some smaller companies.

in 2011 and Baidu, where to go to get a non competition clause, it also won the support of Baidu to a certain extent, so in 12 years and 13 years, where to go and not concentrate on some quagmire in the melee, but focus on the development of the ticket business, the hotel business and wireless in business, the line has the ability to do a lot of new things.

"this allows the entire team, so that our entrepreneurial process will become more gorgeous, we will reach a higher level, which is our most concern." Zhuang Chenchao said.

talked about where to go and Baidu cooperation mode, Tang and Song said, is also holding mergers and acquisitions, more precisely, should be "strategic investors holding", Baidu wants to integrate tourism in the vertical field, but where in this aspect to do more professional, so they had a "go" model ". Where mode is the core of honesty and trust.

What happened to

M & A transactions,


was acquired by Baidu in the selection, Zhuang Chenchao mainly consider two conditions, one is the non competition, a separate listing of rights, this is where two bifurcation points and Baidu 5 years might think. Prior to the completion of the transaction, Zhuang Chenchao strategic differences over the next five years have been carefully analyzed.

in collaboration with Baidu, a very important point is: in the time to do business when it comes to being in front, but in the actual operation to step.

Tang Hesong also said that on the M & A is the first small after the gentleman, but to have two points: one is to have an overall point of view, understand, let know when necessary. The two is to find each other trust, believe that they will do so, but not insatiable.


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