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author RahulVarshneya is co-founder of Arkenea Technologies, a mobile strategy consultant.


venture is a desperate and dangerous journey.

resigned from the stable job to start a business, like riding a boat for island in a vast expanse of water in the. To outsiders, this journey is full of excitement and romance, but not everyone has enough courage and ability to face the risk of a storm, capsized and being eaten by a shark.

clear their entrepreneurial motivation

if you are any entrepreneurial motivation and a consistent, so I advise you to give up the idea of entrepreneurship, honest work for others.

is not satisfied with your current boss

do you like the idea of being a boss because you don’t like your boss? If so, then I think you should first find a job that makes you happy.

after you find the job, to re-examine their own, whether or not to quit their jobs, the intention to start a business.

comparison psychology

your friends around the business, and friends of friends also venture. So you can’t sit still, hoping to join them. Remember, it doesn’t mean you should start a business.


you read a few articles about the venture and the documentary, get some inspiration, so you decide to start a business venture. Don’t be fooled by these articles and documentaries, the business itself is not like the documentary.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman has a very vivid metaphor for Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship is like from a cliff and then, in the process of falling to assemble their own aircraft.

has creative

you thought of a great idea and decided to start a business and turn it into a business.

my neighbors are creative, my friends are creative, and my kids are creative. The idea itself is not going to set you up. Creativity can’t make you an entrepreneur.

you know, entrepreneurial and creative all over the world, only 1-3% eventually became the enterprise, of which only a very small part of the harvest success? Therefore, creativity is not enough to make you just have to start a business.

rather than holding the idea, think about whether you have the ability to put the idea into practice. How are you going to find the money to set up an enterprise? How long can you stay without income?

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