Feed your dollars with chicken and classmates

how do people click on their ads? I believe that they will be looking for people to click or other methods.

I’m using a computer with a chicken point and other people in the dorm. A specialized tube search, another special point advertising. It can be split up, every day take some money, because just for GG so steadily increased, with English search common keywords is very suitable for cheating.

In fact,

students do I feel this good advertising, many computer disaster, I was in our class only understand computer network, their computer broke down my pipe, so I took them home control! This method is very effective, I created a Google search as the home page they are convenient, and the flow. Very good!

There is the use of

broiler, broiler across the country is not necessarily what time point two times, so there will be 1 ha for knife. The last is to improve the original Wangzhuan improve the flow. Well this method has not yet been Google shoot ~


sunny green Wangzhuan: http://s.qing.web.17jzw.com

dance http://s.hexun.com/wudaoku

individual clicks are not so many ways such a steady rise should be ~

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