Analysis on the basic knowledge of Taobao

first stated, this article is aimed at Taobao off if you are a novice, veteran Taobao customer, and may earn thousands or tens of thousands or even tens of thousands can no longer read this article! Because you are not my article reading target crowd, this article I is not your dish O! (a _ u) O~

joined Taobao off this line for the novice, I heard Taobao money off, what Taobao is how to make money off? Everyone in the guest alliance inside the PID There were many discussions. What is this? What is the relationship between PID and their possible? These questions are all around the solution doesn’t open the hearts of the mystery guest novice in Taobao! With the increasingly long time, listen to people talk more and more tourists, Taobao slowly familiar with the original Taobao and to sell off is by promoting its own PID link to promote consumer purchase target products, profits divided into money earn commission income.

familiar with the basic concept of money off Taobao how to break the "0" income? How the specific operation of Taobao Taobao passenger passenger project? This is a problem placed in front of Taobao passenger! Now please listen to me to Taobao who analysis


in the whole business process, we must first consider 3 factors: consumer (customer), Taobao customer (oneself) and products (Taobao customer project), and there is one point we must pay attention to is that there must be the product to consumers in a supply and demand established, or even more consumers not to purchase, of course Taobao customers would not get any commission


do Taobao customers need to pay attention to several aspects:

first, which reference Taobao customer product project factors can improve the turnover rate?


guests in the choice of Amoy project must find those links and commissions long time stable, businesses and stores in the 4 best drilling above, product efficacy case feedback better, return rate is relatively high, the number of transactions more and more online customer service, customer service a long time. So Taobao customers can not every day to worry about today’s turnover ratio is not the owner to modify the Commission, not the product link failure, shop business reputation is not high, customers buy things on top of him can not be assured to buy? Products have no effect? The customer to buy Gu Gubuguolai to customer service online time? In case, customers come to consult the purchase, but do not online customer service? As long as the above points can ensure it, so that you can improve the order of customer turnover rate of Taobao


second, looking for a more suitable Amoy project, choose the best profits


to Taobao who emphasize one point is to make Taobao customer in the product project choice best according to their own or control the resources to choose, should not blindly pursue high commission, the best and most perfect is not necessarily the most suitable for your own. For example, if you have a website for female users, you are most likely to do something about the needs of women

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