Anatomy Google AdWords keyword advertising

Google AdWords Google keyword advertising program, which is a keyword based online advertising form. Because of the effect of precise, low price, cost-effective, simple and flexible operation mode, Google AdWords rapid promotion and popularization in the world, has now become the world’s most popular form of online advertising. By Google AdWords, you simply select the keyword and create a simple, effective advertising, you can put these keywords advertising online search for the product information related to the user.

in the world, every day millions of Companies in the use of Google AdWords keyword advertising business promotion. Among them, there are 500 strong multinational companies, there are many small and medium enterprises in the development of. This is a new type of advertising favored by enterprises, is a direct response to consumers and customers online advertising system, it is entirely the use of Google’s powerful search engine to complete the. When people search your Google keyword, your ad may be displayed next to the search results. In other words, as long as the company put on the Google keyword advertising, interested in the enterprise products and services to potential customers will be able to search through the network, quickly find the business information, will ease the supply and demand sides together, so that the more Wangzhuan to achieve business transformation.

Google AdWords keyword advertising offers a variety of advertising forms: for example, text ads, image ads, animated ads, video ads, interactive advertising and mobile advertising. Through the precise form of advertising, your products and services can be more effective dissemination.

Google AdWords advantage

global quality coverage of potential customers in the market Chinese net, Google and its partners on tens of thousands of China formed the largest advertising platform, the most extensive coverage of high quality customer groups; in the global market, Google’s advertising platform covering 88% of global Internet users, occupy the largest market share in Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region the main market.

pay according to the effect, to avoid waste of Funds – corporate funds are limited, spend money on the blade. Your keyword ads only appear in front of potential customers interested in your products and services, they will click to enter your site for more information. You only need to pay for each click, to avoid waste of funds.

advertising accurate delivery, door-to-door customers superior – quality customer resources is the key to the survival and development of enterprises and the everlasting. Keyword advertising according to the characteristics of your potential customers, precise directional delivery according to a specific location, time, language, to ensure that the ads will be pushed to the front of the target population, the resulting potential customers more intent, excellent in quality.

flexible and independent control, advertising should be changed and the market environment is changing rapidly, the enterprise strategy should be changed. Keyword advertising budget control, target positioning and advertising optimization and other tools to make advertising more flexible with the market strategy

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