Seven aspects of e-commerce experience

As e-commerce matures, more and more enterprises have realized that in the fierce competition in the international market in an invincible position and sustainable development, development of electronic commerce is the best choice and the only way which must be passed. Of course, enterprises to develop e-commerce, just rely on the establishment of a website for product promotion and publicity is not enough. So, how to succeed in the business of e-commerce? The following is from the forefront of e-commerce experience:

A, high quality and inexpensive products information

released product quality must be excellent, also have certain advantages in price. Because the market of similar products must exist. In the commodity economy developed to this extent, unique products almost No. Therefore, to win in the competition of similar products, the quality must pass, but also attractive in terms of price. Only inexpensive products, in e-commerce, network marketing, to win the market. For the production of electronic products manufacturing enterprises, the domestic market of domestic products if obtaining CCC certification (Chinese mandatory certification, also referred to as the "3C" logo); the international market of export products such as to achieve some international certification, such as ISO9000 series, ISO14000 series certification certification, UL (into the North American market permits CE (open), and enter the European market (CSA), in the United States and Canada market permits), GS (German products quality and safety certification), as well as VDE, KEMA and other international certification, and SA8000 (social responsibility standard, the new standard of international buyers), more strength and competition of similar products.

two, real details to meet customer needs

released information (product information, business information, etc.) must be true and reliable, at the same time as detailed as possible, and starting from the customer demand angle, put yourself in for the sake of customers; if at the same time with some pictures, the effect is better, after all illustrations will give you a true and sincere feeling. After the release of such information, will give potential customers to convey a good faith to do business attitude, do business and life is the same, in order to win the goodwill. Only let each other feel each other is doing business in a matter of conscience, then the probability of success is greatly increased. The popularity of the network to the present situation, any online customers can search engines or web search function to find similar products, therefore, goods than three, product information only details caused by the customer’s attention and learn. Otherwise, the customer browse a number of company’s product information, the product description is not exhaustive or lack of physical photos and even contact is not convenient, then the opportunity will be lost in the fingertips.

three, control information release frequency

It is not for the majority of visitors see only a

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