Men Taobao passenger month earns 3000 yuan a simple method

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08 years, I sold a copy of the treatment of premature ejaculation in the online tutorial, genuine official price is 2000 yuan, I sell pirated is 298 yuan, then I found the search for the words "premature ejaculation" in Baidu, row on the first page of the full article page, so I used the home to do the top-level domain a website for sale in the treatment of premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation this tutorial, about a month later, in the Baidu search for "premature ejaculation" my site ranked in the first place, every day there are more than 300IP, this tutorial has sold more than two months, earn about more than 20 thousand dollars, then, this tutorial is official I went through the contact method on my website, notify me immediately shut down the site to stop piracy, or to sue me, I am timid, afraid of them to the court, second days to put in a web page Let’s change it.

site on the Google AdSense advertising, every day about $4 to $6 in revenue, this time a person plus my QQ to rent my website, the offer is $100 a day, a day to give money.

I’m glad to agree, they also sell products in the treatment of premature ejaculation (later I learned that it was Google and Baidu do not allow them to do the bidding of the drug, so they think it is difficult to buy, basically spend money flow out), they use CSS to put a frame covered in "my original page above, so Baidu saw or original web content, but the real site visitors see is indeed inside the advertising page frame.

to do about a month or so, I do not know is to identify the way we cheat Baidu, or peer reports, anyway, my site is K. Flow from the Sansibaiyi under fell to the thirty or forty, I will not rent my website, I see that the station was K also do not have what value is where the matter.

no income, watching others in the group chat, learned Ma also engage in a coalition called Tao, I often buy things at Taobao in Taobao to sell anything, so I’m very interested in Amoy, registered a domain name for the ID alliance began to start the Amoy shopping guide at the station site, not much, one of the words "my mobile phone" Baidu ranked in the first position, every day there are nearly 100 yuan of income.

suddenly remembered that my premature ejaculation network there are more than and 30 IP every day, I want to don’t waste it, in which the background guest chose a good I think the treatment of premature ejaculation medicine, wrote a soft Wen on premature ejaculation home network, put another 6 products of Taobao the guest promotion group, a month after I was in Taobao back off effect found inside more than and 30 IP daily ejaculation net a month even sold 5 of these products to treat premature ejaculation, impotence and premature ejaculation is profiteering, every single Commission is nearly 100 yuan, earned a total of 430 yuan.

I feel, do a single product shopping guide page is an opportunity, I immediately do a few

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