t is imperative to reform out of style

              Taobao, as is known to all, it is the largest online shopping website in china. Whether from fame, or strength, he is no one can. Natural, attached to the site of some sites are springing up. In 2009 this year, as taobao.com affiliated websites Amoy net, its development speed is really unthinkable.

              2009 of the history of the chapter, let us look forward to a new brand of 2010. This is one of the thousands of grassroots webmaster, I dare to say that my views on the current development of the network, Amoy wrong, please exhibitions.

              Amoy net, taobao.com navigation station, as the name implies, as taobao.com navigation station Amoy network to the taobao.com, it should and must play a role in navigation, rather than as a replica of taobao.com. At the same time, we should also recognize that the guest role in navigation network on taobao.com, its complexity must be minimum, which is the simplest, most practical. The so-called navigation is for the majority of Amoy friends in Taobao’s shopping trip to save time, save energy, save money, so that Amoy friends shopping trip becomes easy, happy, fast and affordable. This is telling us something very important, that is: we only do the Amoy net fast, simple, generous, practical, it can play the role of navigation is best, but also fully reflects the significance of its existence. So let’s look at the common out the dragons and fishes jumbled together is how a scene!

              Web content is complicated to make too much out lost itself should play the role of navigation, but also lost its fundamental significance. First of all, too complicated "will let people see dazzling, irritable mood, plus we itself is a shopping navigation station, before we open the page, I believe that the visitor wanted to see a navigation station should be like this: it is more simple than the Taobao network, more generous, more clear, more intuitive. And the result? Just the opposite. Since so, rather than our guest network navigation station taobao.com, taobao.com as it is our guest network navigation station. I believe that this is not what we want. We want the result is not the case, it should be like this: I hope that all the faithful will love us out, hope all friends can become a frequent visitor to our guest network. However, we didn’t do that. So we need to improve, we need to learn

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