Ordinary railway workers find a website to make money

Hello everyone, in front of two articles issued by many friends and I. I asked why the railway benefits are so good to do Wangzhuan


actually, you just see the surface, the railway construction in recent years, the railway did not ask the state to a penny. The reporter asked the Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, the railroad in the money come from? The minister speechless. Why? In fact, we write the ordinary railway workers. It is calculated that the future development of the railway needs of each railway workers out of 1 million. Our wages are actually only half, the other half of the railway construction. So the life force. Well today I mainly talk about my website make money experience.

as a novice website, it is difficult to obtain profit through formal station. I begin to do a website in 2008, the first to do a Taobao promotion alliance, in fact it is just to promote Taobao shop with. But there is no effect. I put a lot of ads on the site. But by the normal click income is too small. By chance, I heard a friend say that GOOGLE ads can cheat.

according to a period of time to learn, but also to see a lot of people make money through this. The method is also very simple, that is, with the point of the software, or click on each other to achieve. The revenue per click is $0.05. See some people have a key word in English there are about $1 of income is also very envious. But this method is very primitive cheating, it is easy to be K. This method of cheating and mutual search, etc.. However, the number of K has recently been crazy ha ha novice webmaster or do not participate. Other people can really make money out of the project will not be published casually. Once the operation of many people naturally do not make money.

but it’s a pity that I have only received two times the money on GG for $230. 130 dollars at a time. But this business can only as a game. Just do it. Don’t rely on him. Otherwise, I do not blame the hungry Oh oh.

well, interested friends can exchange my website, www.9lzf.cn thank you.


is an ordinary railway workers Wangzhuan Road shop

ordinary railway workers of higher (lower)

Taobao shop

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