How to do the best site advertising

2003 is the year of the rapid development of China’s advertising industry. National advertising industry for the first time exceeded 100 billion mark, reaching 107 billion 800 million yuan, the growth rate of a record high in the past six years of growth of 19.44%.

expand the market scale, into more and more industries, to network advertising practitioners, is a blessing. But joyful at the same time, we must realize soberly: how can enlarge the propagation effect of network advertisement, the maximum extent to meet the growing needs of customers, is a major challenge for network advertising operators.

management tools focus on innovation, fully optimize the marketing plan, enhance the rate of return on investment

is starting from the advertisers and the interests of partners in November 2003, NetEase and DoubleClick (double software company) together, using the latest DoubleClick upgrade advertising, marketing management and online reporting tools DART Enterprise 5.1 and professional email marketing solutions [email protected] DART Enterprise 5.1 is a set of systems that can track and record user preferences and behaviors to provide one-to-one marketing. [email protected] is tracked by

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