AdSense is with the non shielding low-cost advertising can increase revenue

misunderstanding: the low price of advertising on my site, I heard that these low-cost advertising are shielded from the price went up, the income is high.

truth: shielding low priced ads may see an increase in price, but will not increase revenue.


because the AdSense advertising system in which to determine the advertising win, consider the effectiveness of the cost per thousand show eCPM, rather than the unit price. What is eCPM? Look at a formula:

income =PV × click rate × advertising unit price =PV× eCPM

eCPM= click rate × advertising unit price

eCPM reflects the profitability of the page, that is, every one thousand PV can bring you how much revenue. For advertising, it is this ad if you show on your web site one thousand times to bring you how much revenue.

in the highest bid in eCPM, that is to say that you can bring the most revenue PV advertising will win and show. You will see the low price of advertising, because of the low price of these ads, but the click rate is very high, so eCPM high, the same amount of PV show these advertising revenue is also higher. The high price of the ads because of the low click through rate, resulting in low eCPM, so it will not show.

so if you blocked the so-called low-cost advertising, those high cost of advertising can be displayed, you may see the advertising price increases, but the ad click rate is much lower, eCPM is lower, so your income does not increase, it is likely to reduce.

so, when you look at advertising revenue, you should look at the eCPM, rather than the advertising unit price, unit price and can not reflect the profitability of advertising, shielding low-cost advertising is not the way to raise revenue.

to improve the advertising revenue, the most effective way is to optimize the location and size of advertising, improve click through rate. The best way to increase the price of advertising is to do high-quality content, to attract more advertising to your site bidding, fierce competition will inevitably lead to higher prices of advertising. Shielding advertising will only reduce the number of competing ads, reduce competition, and ultimately damage your advertising revenue.

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