nto the mobile nternet the entrepreneurial story of the little man



" author Malcolm had heterogeneous statistics the success of the U.S. high-tech age, found that many great men were born in 1955, such as Jobs, Gates, Bill · Oracle founder Erickson, and Sun founder Max Litt. He believes that in the last century, the Internet in 80s and 90s they are young raging like a storm, and environment makes them.


Jobs, Bill Gates; they appear and start the other side of the Pacific, many young people Chinese, their story was widely spread. Influenced by their decision in the wave of mobile Internet, allow yourself to follow the pace of the times to go crazy.

they are a group of grassroots entrepreneurs, they are born in the last century before and after 90s, they chose the mobile Internet App began their business trip, they are successful entrepreneurs eagerly look forward to, also has a venture from employment preparation, but now they are enjoying the sour, sweet, bitter, hot start-up.

The story of


has not graduated from the pot of gold earned first venture for ten million venture failed

for many grassroots entrepreneurs, in the beginning of the venture to get the favor of venture capital is very lucky thing. Such a good thing to be 85 Steve after the boy met, but the venture was a huge lesson for the first time he had to remember the profound business.

8 years ago, Steve was admitted to the Tongji University School of software, with a curious ignorant into a time by apple and Apple software engineering laboratory. He was very excited for this experience, also led to a series of adventures — before graduation went to a small company in Beijing, to help people to do iPhone outsourcing, which earned the first barrel of gold. After returning to school, he and another student opened a studio, specially designed to develop a variety of Apple games live. Before graduation, many students are busy looking for a job, but he was busy looking for partner venture.

, Steve and Jiangsu several 80 immediately hit it off, put the "mobile advertising platform" to build, at that time, the world also emerge in mobile advertising platform, which has an even got billions of venture capital, which triggered the domestic mobile advertising platform investment. Steve and his entrepreneurial team quickly got a 10 million investment from the coal boss, "I’ve never seen so much money! I was so excited!"

Steve said, a group of average age at the time of less than 26 years old young people, this is undoubtedly a pie in the sky, the next process is crazy burn". The first is blind expansion, just a few months, 10 small companies on the rapid expansion of the number of people for the big company of 30. "But how effective, we did not want to know

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