Dada network, rapid application GOOGLE Adsense account

some time ago, when the GG GOOGLE limit the application of the Adsense account, the network appeared a dada network dating site, the site in the Chinese station, with a look, dada’s official website registered dada website account can apply for GOOGLE Adsense from their station, but not by GG to launch the application account the limit, this information is very pleased to see, immediately after a registration, on the application of the GOOGLE Adsense account, a day after GOOGLE Adsense reply information, was rejected, I do not know the blog is not ready, or is a trap, the station I was half believe and half doubt.

letter the following reasons

1 from their registration GOOGLE Adsense account does not need to fill in the site address, as long as you write your personal information on the line.

2 they are hung on the GOOGLE Adsense ad, if dada is a liar, there must be many complaints about the GOOGLE AdSense and GOOGLE official, will kill off his account.

3 I visited their forum, see some users have registered to GOOGLE AdSense and

received money

do not believe the reasons for the following

1 from the official website of the first to do a very poor landscaping, the home page spent a lot to hang GOOGLE Adsense advertising. Accounted for 1/6 of the home page, the strength of the company will not hang on the home page so much advertising

2 very few participants, the normal situation, the size of the site across the country will be quite large, I can not see how many members of his, but from the past few days to see his membership is slow. This is a large and very consistent.

3 second network propaganda station is too little, from my friend’s email discovered by accident, if not that day no matter, I don’t see the dada station. A dating website, the network propaganda must be great, otherwise how will anyone know this website


4 forum only a few pages, but not many posts, registered members are not many, the forum has just established soon. And look at the forum seems to have only one management, but also often touch.

5 there are many people reflect the beginning of income, but after reaching a certain amount on the dada in the blog advertising will become official, and the income does not increase a point.

know more of this station is do not understand, 70% personal feeling is false, but I still have 30% of hope, hope to have friends down the application account to communicate with me, the methods available to everyone, so the webmaster will not worry.

Adsense account for GOOGLE

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