Analysis in the end what website can make money

I am a poet secretarial network webmaster, since the net profit after the general secretary of letters, to open second websites to expand the scope of investment. But what website has become a difficulty for me. I have an open idea website recently, but because I was running off ink secretarial nets they don’t have the time management, so I do not intend to open, put the idea to give you, think good can be adopted, that is not good also not to mention the three road four, just give free the golden ideas for everyone.

a website for the crowd

at present, some online Taobao, pat and other online shopping, some users need to transfer membership or for other businesses of many sites, but not miscellaneous some garbage sites, many Internet users on the Internet cheated, but no door to appeal and vent their dissatisfaction, which caused a lot of bad consequences: one is causing great damage to the interests of Internet users, two of the owners who opened the black shop also gave indulgence.

two, the purpose of website launch

this website offering the purpose is to let everyone keep abreast of deception and unscrupulous shop, to combat unscrupulous to protect the interests of Internet users.

three, web services

is a good recommendation for everyone in the shop, and personally experience to tell you to buy the store to buy credit, can talk or process related pages, screenshots and other evidence.

two is deceived netizens detail about their experience of being cheated, but also to provide the appropriate deceived evidence, there are other equally deceived people can also talk in the same paste.

three is to provide some online shopping and other business experience and knowledge.

four, profit model

profit model is the core content of this website, no one would like to open this profit. The method may be adopted in the source forum and portal page combination, mainly in the forum post to collect material, and then call to the portal page, especially for some good shops strong top, for some deceptive unscrupulous also strongly against to top, rather than the two concern.


on the site for profit, because after I opened the letters Secretary, summed up the truth — grassroots people would starve to eat ad, select the appropriate mode of operation is the right way! This site is not ready to do GOOGLE and ALIMAMA advertisers in the beginning, to be mature website or flow up after consideration. In the early stages, there were the following profit models:

is for Taobao, pat and other online shopping shop advertising, the premise is that the store must provide the appropriate identification and qualification, good reputation before they do.

two is not to be divulged advertising, should actually be called "informant" and not "advertisement", if some Internet users in the website published.

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