A reflection of Juhuasuan Why did it fail in a few hours

said a real thing first. At the end of last year, our company had a Juhuasuan, one of which was packed with thousands of pieces and sold out in a matter of hours. I can’t remember the details, but they do. Everybody was happy. Indeed, a hit, immediately sold out, will generally be considered successful, but serious thought, in fact, is a failure. Here is my analysis.

1 pricing problem.

this is the biggest flaw. Thousands of pieces of goods sold out a few hours, indicating that the price is too low, the loss of a lot of profit. If each piece of price increase 10-20 yuan, multiplied by thousands of pieces, you can earn a few million. Of course, some people say that this is the post Zhu Geliang. Because no one knows beforehand, what kind of price, in how long, how much to sell. Indeed, we are not God operator, but as operators, is to master the data. Juhuasuan data we can see for yourself or to others, or other activity data. How to obtain and analyze these data, this is another topic, here is not to say. However, we need to say, operators are usually busy one after another to do activities, perhaps we would like to stop to summarize the reflection, but no such time. Electricity supplier is very impetuous, from the platform to the business, from the boss to the bottom, so much.

2 stocking problem (this is a fake problem).

In fact, there is nothing wrong with

stocking, but if we do not recognize the pricing problem, it can only say that we have a problem stocking. Because we lost ten hours of Juhuasuan time, such a long time, do not know how much traffic, if we have ten thousand or twenty thousand pieces instead of thousands of pieces of goods, the sales will increase several times? Of course, this is wise after the event. It should be noted that stocking is much more difficult than the price change. The price can be changed in a few seconds, but it will take a lot of work. At least in this case, we should be based on stocking capacity and inventory pricing, rather than the opposite. So it’s a question of pricing.

3 sales squeeze on other items (same product competition).

if this is a Juhuasuan for the price of 129 yuan (the cotton is not I can not remember, but does not affect the analysis), how to sell the other clothes? Other cotton padded clothes are 150-300 yuan, activities do not discount, every day can sell one hundred or two hundred pieces, but there are 129 yuan Juhuasuan clothes, they were squeezed. We are in the same style of irrational competition, which is caused by ultra low price Juhuasuan. There is also a related question: we all know do activities can bring traffic, increase sales of other models, but the other side of the issue, it is a problem for other activities, sales of extrusion, but often being neglected.

4 overall consideration.

as a clothing company, although we have hundreds of thousands of styles, but the real number of dozens of goods, so

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