Fruits and vegetables for home appliance Suning to prove safety of rural electricity supplier Ali sh

electricity supplier giants have been actively to the rural market force, however, want to make the rural market active, need to solve two problems, one is the logistics problem, the other is the sense of participation of farmers. The rural purchasing power, electrical appliance products is the main household expenses, and their fruits and vegetables are the main source of income. Fruits and vegetables for home appliances, this is a good starting point.

on fruits and vegetables, is actually a native. Long ago, a station aimed at this market, similar products website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, have been on the line, meet one engaged in a mobile phone wholesale entrepreneurs, born in rural areas in the city he always has a hard feelings for his hometown, so the investment on line products website, the results failed the entrepreneur, exclaimed: "the pit is really big, native why good, there is no support?" you know, the mobile phone wholesalers, handy, in the mobile phone market do however, but in the local electronic commerce stumbled.

for Taobao, Taobao is different, do have a special local products business, and some have a certain scale, at the same time, the rural electricity market, "Taobao village" also let the outside world famous "sit up and take notice, Taobao village has a set of independent operation mode, such as logistics and warehousing, customer service infrastructure. "It has been a rural electricity supplier alone period"! A rural old "merchant" said that only the relevant supporting facilities, the rural electricity providers have a way out.

the current Taobao village, mainly distributed in some of the more developed areas in the south, while in the north, there is little "Taobao village". However, Jingdong and other electricity providers gangster seems to see the broad market space, respectively, to the northeast, western development, and even put up the "movie", in some rural areas, it can be seen everywhere in the rural electricity supplier whitewashing propaganda, pull the head, such as "build up the family fortunes by working, thrifty by Jingdong", "fellow shopping to dangdang"……

in July this year, Ali invested 28 billion 300 million yuan in exchange for a 19.99% stake in Su ningyun. When it comes to Suning advantage, a Taobao buyers have said such a thing, he had relatives in the countryside, want to buy a mobile phone, but the purchase of mobile phone in Taobao, there is little logistics directly to the countryside, the buyers for some logistics, most of the logistics companies can only be sent to the township. Later someone told him, if Suning can be directly sent to the rural areas, so the buyer consultation Suning customer service, the answer is "three days a week direct delivery of the village" buyers said, and finally the choice of buyers in Suning purchase.

no logistics, Internet retail can not fall." Suning head Zhang Jindong said, as of now, the United States, SKYWORTH, Huarun and other more than 1 thousand companies share Pacific Suning logistics resources, 70% of the businesses in the use of platform docking Suning logistics service, Suning and Ali cooperation will Suning logistics.

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