Richest man Li Jiacheng name domain name was applied for arbitration

, D& N domain firm researcher from the adndrc Hongkong Office (Hongkong International Arbitration Center) learned that the Chinese richest man Mr. Li Jiacheng Chinese name Pinyin domain name has been applying for arbitration from the limited information also don’t know who is the real person.

D& N WHOIS from the public information that the disputed domain name by the "young Cheng Hao" registered in 2006, registered as "China. At present, the domain name does not actually point to specific sites. At the same time, the investigation, is also currently in the domain name registration, State Park is sold on the page; but is "registered in Mr. Yang Xue", earlier on the Taobao website, the price of 20000 yuan of public auction of the domain name. It is not clear why the selection of the suffix.COM.CN arbitration.

it is understood that there are a number of companies owned by Li Jiacheng, including Cheung Kong, Hutchison Whampoa  and the Li Jiacheng foundation, the HKIAC did not disclose any company filed arbitration, but in any case, Mr. Li Jiacheng personally brought less likely to arbitration. According to D& N researcher learned from the winning point of view, the most likely arbitration should be "the Li Jiacheng Foundation Limited", and the company is currently the domain name is, from the "LI KA SHING FOUNDATION" the first letter. The company’s office is located in Queen’s road, Hongkong, No. two, the central building of the Yangtze River group.

information from the HKIAC, while the arbitration as well as the Yangtze River industry series of Chinese domain names. D& N domain names will be further concerned about the information.

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