On the choice of the domain name domain name for Kijiji

kijiji.cn is Kijiji had heard, but there has been no attention, now many similar sites. In recent days it has been found that some of the site’s link groups often see their staff members or so-called marketing agents advertise their new domain name baixing.com. When I first saw when the domain name and the classification of information website, can think of from abroad where over here, to engage in creative way that uncomfortable truth in Chinese, classified information is supposed to be close to people’s life, it should not be too ordinary are some good. For example, Nantong life net friend 0513.cc had to change the creative way, we discuss, finally still keep the now popular name, life, a simple the best.

Select the

domain name and the name of the Chinese site, has a great influence on the market. Now take the classification information comparison Miami, before the cold after a period of time, since the change of the domain name; penetration Kijiji name, word of mouth network area, you can see, the classification of information gradually began to see the sun from the original mode of exploration. Yancheng classified information network (www.in0515.com) will be based on the Yancheng area of life information services. From the domain name choice, in0515 is better, in on behalf of the meaning of the 0515 is the area code for Yancheng.

domain name is the brand, COM is king.