Business names Sarkozy push flash purchase speculation or long-term operation

May 20th, Jingdong flash group platform on the line, officially marks the Jingdong to join the electricity supplier flash purchase war. In the Jingdong before, Dangdang, Suning, where the customer has been added to the "flash purchase" mode of competition, business heavyweights have joined the fray, "flash purchase" on the domestic clothing inventory business? Or focus on the mode of sustainable development? It is really hard to say.

domestic flash purchase cheap promotional route

flash purchase mode is also called flash sale mode, originated in the French website Vente Privé E, the site with more than 1 thousand and 200 international fashion and luxury brands to establish relations of cooperation, and the flash sale way to discount sales season of the inventory, as a selling point, pull the pin amount. After that, this model was soon widely imitated, at home, with the most similar model is

screening of the brand are higher, so far, still take the buyer’s system, there are more than 300 occupation buyers for the purchase, cooperation brand more than 6000 stores, of which there are 800 exclusive cooperation. has revealed that their profit model is to collect sales commissions to the brand, the Commission received a commission of about 20%-26%.

however,’s model is not the mainstream mode of operation. Many of the new on-line flash purchase platform, have played the entry fee is not charged, the preferential conditions, and the requirement for this is the product price has market competitiveness". For many domestic flash purchase platform, the discount is still the main theme of the business flash purchase. Early to join the flash purchase poly still, sales of clothing, footwear, jewelry, leather goods and other commodities, provided directly by the brands, including clothing sales accounted for more than 70%. Poly still CEO cattle Liben understanding of this is the traditional clothing enterprises have encountered problems of inventory goods line sales season, by the regional impact, while the Internet can make the scope of product sales maximization, is the best remaining inventory of marketing channels, "businesses through electronic commerce can quickly sell out the backlog of inventory".

mining opportunities from the apparel industry inventory crisis

apparel industry listed companies released annual report shows that the current total of only 57 billion of these apparel companies inventory has reached $. Huge inventory of clothing so that more electricity providers to see this model brings huge profit margins. In the clothing companies eager to clear inventory, the electricity supplier is a huge opportunity, for example, the bargaining between each other is very fast, relatively high profits." Electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang believes that the only competitive low price promotion, is enough to attract business giants have joined the competition to poop clearance.

currently,’s market capitalization of $1 billion 876 million, Dangdang is 4 times. To join Jingdong, Dangdang and other integrated business platform, still has the absolute competitive advantage? Zhenwang Lu believes that "at present, brand suppliers in the Weihuo on >