Lanting Pavilion set a strong potential to break the electricity supplier stocks sought after

Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming

when the capital market is still under discussion when the Alibaba and the Jingdong listed on the occasion, did not look conspicuous domestic foreign trade business in Lanting Pavilion potential successfully landed on the NYSE, this year became the first landing of the U.S. capital market takes stock enterprises. In just 4 trading days, Lanting Pavilion potential shares have risen 50%.

is the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion in November last year after the celebrations of the times listed shares, since six months before the IPO again. As the main cross-border sales of foreign trade sales of electricity providers, Lanting Pavilion may not be familiar with the general population of ordinary people. But the Lanting Pavilion set potential in the United States listed on the first trading day rose to 22.21%, sought after by overseas investors. As of 11, Lanting Pavilion set potential price reached $14.3, compared with $9.5 issue price rose by 50%.

according to the financial data disclosed by Lanting Pavilion set potential, the company began to profit in the fourth quarter of last year, net profit of $1 million 115 thousand. In addition, 98% of the company’s revenue from overseas users, the major markets in Europe and North America, these factors make the Lanting Pavilion set is easier to obtain recognition of overseas investors.

investors are also very easy to set the potential of Lanting Pavilion and another electricity supplier companies contrast, both companies are profitable, the stock price also has outstanding performance. As of 11, shares reached $32.2, an increase of $6.5 issue price of $395%. ChinaVenture hit group analysis, from the perspective of market environment, the capital market in the United States since the end of last year the overall upward trend, investors generally become more active. After the listing of the stocks of and Chinese era celebrations in the past a year of good performance, these two stocks trend to a certain extent to enhance investor confidence in the stock.

analysts have said that the listing of the potential of Lanting Pavilion to a certain extent, the foreign trade electricity supplier has been recognized by overseas investors, electricity supplier stocks or investors sought after objects. If the cardinality of Lanting Pavilion after the listing of the performance continues to improve, will also have a pathfinder role for the United States market plan China enterprises, but in the short term is still very difficult to appear a new boom in the United States market, the overall listing process will remain stable.

however, according to the latest report of market research company CB Insights released by the venture business enterprise divestment from Asia has accelerated the frequency, the majority of divestment activities in India and the two large market China.

Company Profile:

Lanting Pavilion was founded in 2007, is an e-commerce company, its is China’s leading international trade website. The company has more than 800 employees in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and. .