The Qihoo was a air force back to the East artillery raid Qi

huge traffic analysis attack Qihoo released by anonymous is "a lie". According to anonymous analysis "confuse the public" Qi Xiangdong an exclusive interview with this newspaper, "they did not come up with the data after correction, the deviation in the China market is very large."

Qihoo 360 suffered another bear raids. This time, the opponent seems to be the "killer".

EST on the morning of July 2nd, analysis of the mechanism of "anonymous analysis" (Anonymous Analytics) published a 18 page report, aimed at the NYSE listed China Internet Corporation Qihoo 360.

"we got evidence from comScore. That huge traffic data released by the Qihoo is a lie." An anonymous person analysis said in an interview with this reporter said: "according to the existing problem of Qihoo, if the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) don’t begin to pay attention to it, it is difficult to understand. Although we do not know when SEC will take action, but I believe they will. It’s hard to imagine if the stock is traded on the New York stock exchange a year later."

refused to disclose the name, said institutions in accordance with the habits, only to "anonymous analysis" on behalf of.

citron research has given $5 Qihoo stock valuation Genghen is anonymous, analysts believe that this stock should be suspended.


report was announced, the Qihoo’s share price fell slightly in the day around 11:30, with this afternoon fermentation, its share price plunged, to close at $16, down 7.46%. In after hours trading up to $17.28.

analysis for anonymous attacks, 7 pm EST on 3 days before the opening of 9:30, a English Qihoo issued an emergency notice that anonymity analysis data provided by the Qihoo 360 now seriously underestimated the site traffic.

The announcement of

quoted a spokesman comScore said: "comScore has and will continue and Qihoo 360 and other China publishers, to establish a unified model of the digital measurement (UDM). At this moment, comScore did not release any Qihoo website UDM data, would not comment on the progress of any published data or work."

"6 report before citron released have brought them to find the point of attack were searched, the analysis of the anonymous attack, seemingly found new evidence, in fact, is to confuse the public." Est at 9:30 on July 3rd after the market opened, the Qihoo CEO Qi Xiangdong said in an interview: "the other is actually out of the comScore client data, and this data is not corrected, the deviation in China market is very large."

"heavy evidence"

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