ntegrity + promotion + circle + team, micro business success tips four

micro business hot can be said directly ignited the enthusiasm of all Wangzhuan, but do nothing to pay attention to strategy. I like the original Taobao fire, everyone in the crazy time also must be calm, not watching others make money, he also resigned this time, you want to think, you have the ability to do the corresponding work, what others can earn money by.

a lot of people advocating micro business, in addition to the industry is really hot outside, is also estimated to have some people have their own small 99, but not to think about it. I would like to ask you, in your heart micro business how to do. If only choose a good product in your mind, then go to send pictures at an appropriate point in time, I advise you not to do, because you are just. Looking at other people to make their own money. This is not a blow to everyone’s confidence, because when we really do the operation, you will find that even a very small details will give you the idea of giving up. So how to do micro business it for its operation, I have some of their own views.

I think

has been doing the project should have standards and rules, to always meet our expectations. So for the micro business, especially in the new recruits, how should we do it? I think the four most important. The second, integrity, promotion, third, fourth, circle, team. Only at the same time with these points, I think you have a micro business career to earn money.

integrity. For the integrity of the needless to say, business friends all know. In WeChat this is not yet fully mature platform, transactions and payments are basically not seen before the completion of the real product, so how to make some strangers to complete your trust. I think honesty is important. As Ma said, the core of Taobao’s success lies in trust, and trust is the starting point of good faith. Now a lot of WeChat friends Shuabing, sales of product categories are many, but for the quality of it and I think we are playing a question mark. After all, this is a question we all have. If this time you sell products to achieve your own, "keep a promise inviolate" commitment, rather than purely blind sellers, so your future will be a lot brighter. We do not think that this is not a thing, to say the truth, good faith will allow you to earn a lot of money, but it will let you grow faster in the micro business industry, I hope you really realize this point.

extension. This year it is also afraid of deep alley, you want to make something of a business. Rely on the help of acquaintances can not be long, and more to tap the unfamiliar resources is the key, which involves a promotion problem. How to sell their products to more people who are unfamiliar with them?. I think this is the problem that we are thinking every day. This is not simple, otherwise it will not have so many derivative titles, but as long as you find the right direction, I think success still has hope. At this point, I think the accuracy is the first problem we need to solve, met with a strong desire to buy a friend, commodity information is not garbage, but