The online fake is projected offline, fake also need to start from the line

and Taobao have released this week, public security and intellectual property bureau and other relevant departments to report fake linkage. But the online fake is only a projection line, fake also need to start from the source, the line line is fake, clues are not regarded as a good way.


and Taobao have released this week, public security and intellectual property bureau and other relevant departments to report fake linkage. This is the official Ali for public opinion for a long time Taobao fakes debate positive action response – but the problem is that only rely on Taobao a company Chinese fake can become extinct? Iron brother told you from the line down are basically nonsense, bullying playing too headstrong.

online fakes are projected under the line

has become the mainstream electricity supplier fake non mainstream media about the topic, but once consumers buy online fakes were filled with righteous indignation denounce platform.

This is not in favour of

iron brother business platform, just want to let you ready to open to scold friends think carefully, which we did not buy a fake online shopping channel, and all kinds of deception fraud copycat products. The order of business, online business line is the essence of projection or product line of miniature, all sorts of problems we almost can find his online production address, the most important is the online market important even can see the fake products sales side of the open and aboveboard, ignore management personnel.

and one of the biggest victims (of course, some people say is a beneficiary) is on the edge of the city and the rural population, the country almost filled with fake inferior market. Iron brother back home every time in the market, from eating to clothing to use, almost three of Chengdu’s three products. The operators only need to pay the management fees can never return to work in just ways of sales, also rarely seen there are penalties.

line under the commercial order so confusing, we go to the same platform with a Chinese electronic business platform, especially the C2C platform can completely eliminate fakes is a little free for its difficult.

past the official Taobao had repeatedly smitten down, although certain achievements have been made but always can not be eradicated. The reason is that the line is only a sales channel, the line continues to fake, the seller was able to change the identity of the store immediately after the re shop. Because of the high profits of fraud and selling fake often only play from no touch at all.

is the most fundamental is that Taobao is not a law enforcement unit, there is no administrative enforcement power – it can be found, traceability tracking clues, but must be under the law enforcement linkage line line, otherwise it is empty talk. This is also the biggest frustration Taobao faces on counterfeiting issues and embarrassment.

also because of this, we can discuss whether it can be discussed in detail before the fake Taobao line under the underlying fakes.


line is fake, online clues

Is selling fake fraud is often the biggest problem of traditional

guerrilla warfare line, the law enforcement authorities.