Pure electricity providers how to deal with the awakening of the traditional retail giant

Recently, some friends in

and I discussed the electronic commerce, it is difficult to view his whole idea of unity, then reason, decided to write it down, you can send the Tongren Weibo business firm, we discuss.

my friend’s point of view: pure electric better

my view: the traditional retail giant better

this year, whether it is just acquired Kuba, or just more than a year launched suning.com brilliance, and the city of E, intime network, OK network, Lianhua Carrefour online shopping mall…… The acquisition or self or retail giants on China network retail market has turned from ready to look at fiercely as a tiger does.

may be some business professionals Weibo said: these retailers do not understand e-commerce. Yes, they do not understand, but the rise of e-commerce in Chinese, but this three or four years, who is who understand how much? In other words, they should know better than pure electricity supplier, retail, should understand the supply chain.

and modern retail competition, in the final analysis is the supply chain competition, e-commerce is also the case.

e-commerce on the retail industry, the supply chain competition, the main focus on the price and after-sales competition, who’s lower prices, who is more guaranteed after sale, consumers will naturally go there to buy. And the price and after-sales service, it is pure electricity supplier is the biggest competitive short board. (haha! Believe Weibo operations team agree on this)

Take the

Jingdong, retail sales of 10 billion yuan, but really cattle, and one hundred billion sales volume of Gome and Suning compared to his single product purchase cost there is no advantage at all, want to fight a price war, emboldened? What’s more, playing the price war in the originator of entity, since the loss of three hundred for the one thousand enemy, which retail brand leader is not so over


and customer service, which is now the retail electricity supplier to clap breast promised customer service and retail brand? Once the full security net, customer service provided by the network stores its powerful enough to change the line, online consumer buying habits formed soon.

retail brand in the electronic commerce competitive advantage is also reflected in the supply chain operation cost advantage, for many national chain retail brands, warehousing system is completely ready, (of course, optimization, taking into account the Kuaijinkuaichu) can be regarded as zero marginal cost. Since the country has been divided, so most of the parcel can do city distribution, or even free from consumers, distribution team stock distribution (such as Gome, Suning itself in the regional market has perfect delivery system).

may also be some electricity providers who will say: these retailers, unable to unlock the impact price line knot.

need to untie? No need to untie!

online and offline price conflict, which itself is a false proposition.


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