Online shopping popularity over consumption of excessive consumption of deputies called for the spec

Beijing March 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yun) several times to tear tape, opened the box, and then remove the bubble wrap, cut the tape and plastic bags, to buy goods. This process, for every online shopping family is to receive the baby after the standard procedures. Although every household is repeating this action, but for the National People’s Congress, Zhejiang College of agriculture and Forestry College of environment and resources professor Xu Qiufang, it is a waste and pollution.

"waste packaging expressindustry daily production reached 10 million, the annual packaging tape even up to more than and 200 laps around the earth, packaging costs more than 1 billion yuan." Xu Qiufang called for the introduction of the online shopping industry as soon as possible packaging technology specifications to minimize packaging waste.

The rapid development of

e-commerce to boost the rapid rise of express logistics industry, with the fire of the parcel industry. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014, the number of online shopping package for about 12000000000, is expected in 2015 will exceed the United States, the world’s largest consumer online shopping market. Meanwhile, online shopping spending will account for half of China’s total retail sales in 10 years.

China is one of the more serious excessive packaging of countries in the world, the packaging waste volume accounted for 50% of solid waste, scrap value amounts to 400 billion yuan per year, online shopping a lot of packaging waste occupies large proportion.

"according to estimates, waste packaging expressindustry daily production reached 10 million, the annual packaging tape even up to more than and 200 laps around the earth. According to the State Post Bureau in 2013, China’s express delivery volume of about 9 billion 200 million accounts, which means that the cost of packaging on more than 1 billion yuan." Xu Qiufang introduction, according to the survey data show that the city’s domestic waste inside 1/3 are packaging waste, waste and pollution caused by online shopping packaging worrying.

a lot of Taobao sellers Tucao to reporters, in order to prevent damage to the goods, had to be excessive packaging, from the tape to the carton, a layer of packaging also increases the cost of the seller.

reporter learned, is currently involved in packaging industry’s specification Department of State Post Bureau formulated the "express norms operational guidance" this one, which provides express package delivery package goods should be used in accordance with the national standards and industry standards, give full consideration to safety factors, but how to package, what is the proper use is not clear provisions.

this, Xu Qiufang suggested that the introduction of online shopping industry as soon as possible the technical specifications of the packaging of goods. To take the classification of packaging, classification and billing, according to the product attributes are divided into 3 to 4 levels of vulnerability, marked with different colors, and the use of different packaging materials, triage and handling of different treatment. Can guarantee a certain speed, but also to avoid damage."

as far as possible in order to reduce the use of plastic bags and foam materials, the National People’s Congress, Hefei Baida Group Chairman Zheng Xiaoyan suggested, should be included in the online shopping packaging plastic limit the scope of implementation as soon as possible.


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