Look at the current e-commerce development from the bad brother

, the national development and Reform Commission since March 20th to increase domestic refined oil prices, a day before the Zhejiang street in an interview with Jiaxing TV, a man asked angrily "swearing", in the face of the reporter’s silence, he said.


recently, this video recorded by the Jiaxing TV station in 4 hours to click on more than 400 thousand times, more than 70 thousand users comments, the moment, the protagonist of the video, dirty brother will be popular network. So, what kind of sensation would it cause?

as everyone knows, the courier industry profits and product prices are closely related, the rise in oil prices will lead to rapid price express industry.

According to

report IT business news network, even the day to talk about refined oil prices have never stopped, it is reported that, after oil prices rise again, express industry to follow the trend of prices become the focus of attention of consumers. Since recently, many broke Express has notified the company from April began to price adjustment news, Hunan Shentong first price, from the beginning of April 1st each STO Changsha city charges will increase 0.5 yuan, while the courier company plans to price in 51 broke the news.

from the business point of view, at present, the price of the courier company has far exceeded the budget within businesses, like every guest, Jingdong mall, dangdang.com and so on these big business tycoon also from the beginning to the free shipping now over how many yuan more to free shipping, to increase the free shipping threshold (but Kunming Shi Bai B2C mall still adhere to the audience free mail, express this strategy) see the middle part of the expenditure has become a business to load, so they are part of the courier charge transfer to the consumers themselves, in order to maximize the profit space.

just in the end of 2012 China (Shenzhen) IT Leadership Summit, the development of the electricity supplier is also the focus of attention and discussion of many network giants. For example, the UF Group Chairman and CEO Wang Wenjing talked about "the nature of e-commerce speak bluntly is two, one is a convenient, cheap. Is from cheap and efficient supply chain, if you like shopping on the Internet, the first is to feel convenient, second is to get cheaper price than the line, because you don’t need to do the store, do not need to have channels, so these are very important." It can be seen that the price of the express industry will make consumers feel worried, if you spend too much money to buy goods online, then, consumers may consider the line to buy a more cost-effective store. It is worth thinking about their business, if there is a business out of nowhere saying "they are what the audience free shipping mall", is not it will lead to one-sided


, from the point of view of consumers, online shopping will first value quality, and then is the price, although part of the Taobao business is still the name of the flag to avoid mail promotion, but consumers also know that in the fast.

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